Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

LC Fabrications would still be an idea and non-existent on the map if it weren't for loyal customers and business partners throughout the years. Several months ago, AVI gave us enough work to keep our shop doors open, and we are still grateful to be in close contact with those guys. Naturally, when Bruce asked if we would be able to film a commercial (or "star" in a commercial), we agreed. His idea was to video tape a machined electrical box (this is our work I was referring to) getting run over by a tractor trailer. Things kept getting more complicated, but at this point, we were just trying to live in their world. I got an excuse to play hookie from school and the chance to watch a film being produced behind the scenes, so I was all in. A professional filmmaker from Hoopla Media in Charlottesville showed up on a cold, windy morning with tons of fancy equipment ready to shoot. We traveled across the railroad tracks to Walker Transportation and watched as wires and cameras and computers were connected. After what seemed like four years of setting up, the real deal began. The main source of filming was from a drone which followed the truck and Dad riding up on LC Speedster to deliver the "goods". There was even a short segment featuring our machining lair. Dad makes a great actor (can you hear the sarcasm) but Hoopla did an awesome job of making everyone look like they knew what they were doing.




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