Getting in Gear for Summer

Getting in Gear for Summer

It's been heating up here in Virginia, and the shop doors are thrown open to catch any possible cool breeze that might be blowing through. Summer is always an awesome time of year for us, as it means longer days to work and play. As of now, we are knee deep in the sidecar bike, and for some reason, it is the build that I have been most excited to see the final product. Like many projects, it had the humble beginning of a '71 Triumph with a '75 750 motor. First, Dad modified the Spirit of America frame and body by narrowing and shortening the subframe. If you've been watching Instagram, you may have noticed the creation of the seat and cowl, which were both hand cut to follow the natural lines of the frame. Not all fine details come last, as proven by the air filter. Sometimes the coolest aspects of a build come from a problem that needs to be solved. Then, he utilized a Yamaha Maxim front end, and added front and rear disc brakes. Later, a few evenings were spent one offing the scrambler style fender. The most recent addition took shape as he remolded the fiberglass Spirit of America tub in lieu of a steel version built to move with the axle. Even though this bike still has a decent way to go, I can feel the wind in my face as I cruise that baby into my high school parking lot, with all us LC Fab kids piled in. In the other corner of the shop lies the newest edition of the family. We recently purchased a second op lathe, which gives us the ability to manufacture small turn parts more quickly and efficiently than ever. Gotta love a new machine day! So that about sums up the happenings around here, because just like everyone else, we've been gearing up for a summer to remember. And as always, taking time to leave the shop and enjoy all that summertime has to offer. Stay tuned for more tales and be sure to check us out on Instagram @lc_fabrications. 

- HC 



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