Spring Fever

Spring Fever

It's the moment we have all been waiting for. The sun is shining and the temperature is at least attempting to rise. Today marks the official start of spring,  which means we have survived yet another long, cold winter. To no surprise, I am exhausted. Spring is probably the busiest time of year here at LC Fab, and it definitely is the busiest for motorcycle enthusiasts across the country. Now is the perfect time to open up the garage doors and dust off that old two-wheeled friend you might have forgotten about. Spring is often associated with growth and rebirth, and rightly so. There is no better season to get a jump start for the future. You'll start to notice that spring fever will take over every small town and big city alike. Embrace the craze and get back to doing what you do best. Start your engines and ride until you cannot ride again. Winter has a habit of dragging us down until we think that the only thing worth doing is giving up. That phase is over. It is good to rest, and the winter gave us rest. Now is the time to be inspired and to in turn be the inspiration. Who knows where the motorcycle industry will go this riding season? No matter what, LC Fab will be right here, hidden in the blooming Appalachian Mountains to help you find a cure for your spring fever. Naturally, we've been occupied with churning out new runs of high quality products for your spring ride. If you've checked out our Instagram page lately, you might also notice some new projects are brewing. One of the most exciting events the shop has experienced this week was getting our hands on some parts for the '34 Ford Hot Rod. The youngest is learning to weld, and started piecing together a mini bike project. The side car bike (which will hopefully turn into the coolest car at my high school) is well under way. And the list goes on. Let us know in the comments below what is on your spring to-do list, as it is always good to hear from you.

- HC 


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