The Congregation

The Congregation

Last weekend, LC Fab jumped on the road again and this time, traveled down to North Carolina for the Congregation Vintage Car and Motorcycle show. It poured rain the entire trip, which I still can't decide whether or not it was good luck or bad luck. Either way, this show was not a disappointment. The Congregation was housed in an upcycled Ford factory in Charlotte, with plenty of room for sportsters and hot rods of all shapes, sizes, and styles. LC Fab supplied a Mini Ham Can to the raffle bike built by Prism Supply, which gave us the rights to a vendor spot where I got to stare at my dream truck the entire day. This was my first experience with having a booth, so an entire afternoon was dedicated to designing the perfect display. (Of course, during the show things got moved and switched around just the same). It felt good to greet new customers and swap stories with old friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Garn from Brew Bikes, who happens to be the king of storytelling and didn't mind yanking my chain the entire afternoon. Plus, the LC Speedster gained quite a bit of attention on what might be her last tour, so go look for her on Instagram if you missed it. The excitement didn't end as the show came to a close, because Dad was celebrating another birthday. He claims that birthdays aren't important as you get older, but I disagree. There may not have been a big party, but it is necessary to look back and feel just a little pride over all the achievements and hard times that were endured, and hope that the next years will bring even more opportunities for learning, even if he past his prime. (Ok, just a little). After all, we were at a vintage show and some things are just better the older they get.  Make sure to comment below if you agree and keep checking in to see what's happening in and out of the shop at LC Fabrications.



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