Things are Cleaning up Around Here

Things are Cleaning up Around Here

You may have noticed some major changes to LC Fabrications this year. Changes that some, including myself would dare to call exciting. Those changes are due to some long hours of typing, shooting all new parts photos, and head scratching on my part. LC Fabrications has a new marketing guy (or gal I should say) and that would be me. I am Jeremy's daughter (I'll be referring to him as "Dad"), Harleigh Cupp, and for the last 10 years I have watched our family business change as it encountered periods of struggle and survival. I am proud to finally be old enough and have a niche for something that can serve as my place in this operation. I have had a passion for photography in recent years, and am fascinated with those artful skills such as web design and marketing strategies. LC Fab was in need of a breath of new life, and I believe that this is my chance to do so. I have learned to appreciate the four walls enclosing our livelihood, because I am going to be spending a heck of a lot more time looking at them, and consequentially, you will too. So, if you are wondering who to blame for the emails, news updates, and Instagram photos, your gonna have to blame me. 



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