We are the American Dream

We are the American Dream

The daily grind has gotten real, and It's been a while since I've had the chance to write about the happenings here in the shop. The CNC machine was (and still is) almost constantly moving and shaking while Dad sprints the 150 feet from the back to the front of the shop to pack up finished parts between cycles. Adventure vans have been purchased and sold, and new parts' prototypes designed and tested. Not to mention a little bit of progress on the sidecar bike project on the side. With all of this swimming in my head, I decided to pull over and take a moment of rest as we, along with the rest of the nation, approach memorial day this week. LC Fabrications recently developed a statement to express our values: Timeless, Steadfast, True; We are the American Dream. It is at this time of the year when we honor those who sacrificed their American dream so that we might pursue ours. But what does it mean to live this dream? It means having the opportunity to work hard and create a better life for ourselves and our families. It means getting up early and staying out late. It means pouring sweat, blood, and tears into every motorcycle that starts as nothing more than an idea on a scrap of paper. This dream is so often crowded out by those patriotic poster children that we might forget that it is alive and well in small garages and major manufacturers all across this country. General Douglas Macarthur once said that "part of the American dream is to live long and die young." At LC Fab, we are proud of our dream and humbly grateful to the men and women who lost their lives fighting for our rights to live that dream to the fullest.


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