Holeshot tire plug stem cap

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So you've torn a hole in that ultra light fast roller again.....we all know how important it is to keep as much air inside the tire as possible, so you need to grab that bacon strip fast. Electric tape on your bars? What is this 1990? Enter the holeshot. It hides your plug tool inside of your fork steerer and can be gotten to quickly with only one free hand required.

  • machined 6061 aluminum
  • black anodized finish
  • tool handle is held in place by friction created by a pair of viton O-rings (which also serves as a barrier to keep much out)
  • simple installation: remove your old stem cap, use a suitable tool to push your existing star nut down into your steerer to a depth of appx. 2.5 inches, and reinstall the holeshot in its place using the suppled M6 bolt
  • includes one side of bacon strips
  • made in USA